San Diego Office Rentals

San Diego Office Rentals

Office Space Calculator

How Much Office Space DO I Need?

Our office space calculator is a great way to start planning how much space you might need when searching for your new San Diego Office Space. Simply select the number of offices and workstations of each size you need for your team and run your specifications for a quick estimate. You can also custom name each room type to best suit your needs.

At San Diego Office Rentals we partner with the top property management firms in Southern California to provide you with the best rental options in town. Call us today or request a custom rental estimate by email. Commercial office leasing has never been easier.

Plan for Future Growth

When determining how much office space you need, it is vital to plan for growth. Add 10% to 20% to the total square footage you calculated to accommodate future growth. Building in your anticipated growth will help you expand your business without costly interruptions.  

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